Larry Basky

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About the Artist

Larry Basky is best known for his colorful serigraphs, but he is also accomplished in the art of intaglio, monoprints, drawing and painting. He has had over 50 solo shows and participated in numerous group shows both regionally and nationally. He has recently moved from Colorado to Wisconsin, where he started Basky Gallery and Studio. He conducts workshops on serigraph printmaking.

Artist Statement

I have been doping serigraphs, or silkscreen prints, for over 40 years. Sine I pulled my first color, I have been fascinated with the process as well as the products. The variety of techniques and processes one can use is very exciting. I do not use any photo techniques in my work; all the stencils are cut, painted, or drawn by me. I have also pulled every color of every print I've signed my name to. People who make their living by doing art are some of the luckiest people in the world. To be able to get up each day and do something I truly enjoy is a blessing. When I find another person who can relate to hat I have made and is willing to purchase that work, I am doubly fortunate. I have a wonderful wife and three beautiful and fascinating children who have turned my life into a work of art. I am a lucky man.