Joel Cooper

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About the Artist

I began fine art screen printing in 1989, having been introduced to the process through a workshop at the Duluth Art Institute. My work has been exhibited at various Duluth Art Institute shows including the Arrowhead Regional Biennial Exhibits. In 2000, I was an award winner in this exhibit. My work has also been exhibited at the Duluth Superior Foundation, Barnes and Noble, and many galleries in the region. In February 1998 a collaborative show, As We See It, took place at the Duluth Art Institute. It combined 42 screen prints along with poems by my wife, Deborah Cooper and this began a series of many exhibit we have done together, including the Northern Prints Gallery, the Johnson heritage Post Gallery in Grand Marais, and most recently at Lizzards Gallery in Duluth.

Artist's Statement

My art is a personal form of expression for me. I enjoy the process of developing an image from an idea to a finished work of art. Taking a flat white piece of paper and giving it life. Each print for me is part of a learning process. I try to incorporate a new idea or technique in almost every print. The screen printing process is no longer a very popular art form. I'd like to see more artists involved. The blocks of vibrant colors give screen printing a unique appearance which is never quite duplicated in other mediums. Screen printing fits my personality. It is very much like a chess game where all of the moves must be figured out from the beginning. To date, I have completed over 120 prints. I find the process challenging, slow moving, and -- I find as the image starts to take shape -- very exciting.