Gendron Jensen

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About the Artist

Although presently living in New Mexico, Gendron Jensen's roots are deep in the North. From his childhood in Grand Rapids came the seed of discovery for his artistic path and his family ties still bring him back from his many travels. A one-time recluse on a mink farm south of Grand Rapids, he also spent five years at a Benedictine monastery in Wisconsin. His drawings and lithographs are in many of the major collections in the country - the Smithsonian, the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard, the Walker Art Center, the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, 3M Company, General Mills, Fine Arts Museum of New Mexico in Sante Fe, New York University's Grey Gallery, Cargill Corporation...the list goes on. He has been awarded many prestigious prizes and grants including the Hirshhorn Foundation, the Pollack-Krasner Foundation, and the WESTA/NEA Fellowship. His work is either in pencil on paper, or with lithographic crayon on stone.

Artist's Statement

"From age seven, when I first encountered the wee skull of a rodent, something occurred and reoccurs, ever since, which goes deep within me, from before human predilection for naming. My only recourse, thereupon, is the unwordful making of images. I brood over the boney leavings of wild creatures of water, land, and air habitats, selecting by mostly instinct from their relics. Then I juggle the relics, configuring them out from anatomical knittedness, into what I hope and yearn for as idealized correlations, in drawn forms. I desire to ever look into nature instead of merely at the myriad wonders which await my inquiring gaze!"