Tom Rauschenfels

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About the Artist

Thomas Rauschenfels, a Duluth artist, has had a lifelong interest in painting, pottery, and woodcuts. For 30 years, he has been an art teacher in the Hermantown School District. Influenced by living on the shores of Lake Superior, he uses the themes of nature and water in his works. He is also interested in the study of the human figure. He has exhibited at Lizzard's, Sivertson's and other local Duluth galleries, in the Uptown area of Minneapolis, at the Tweed Museum at UMD, and at the Depot, where he was an award winner with a woodcut at a recent Arrowhead Biennial Show. He received an M.A. in studio drawing and painting from the University of Wisconsin - Superior in 1984. Married and living on Minnesota Point, Rauschenfels has a studio incorporated in his residence.

Artist's Statement

Growing up in a large family with various creative interests, I was constantly exposed and challenged to interpret the artistic world (including music, art, literature) surrounding me. Therefore, as I started to explore my own artistic growth, I designed and experimented with different media. For me, printmaking fills the need for a graphic, visceral, art-making breakthrough.