Our Artists

The artists of the the Northern Printmakers Alliance are an eclectic group, and diversity has always been one of the strongpoints of the Alliance. The common thread is that our printmakers either live and work in this northern region or are closely tied to it in some way (for example, Gendron Jensen spent most of his life in Grand Rapids, MN and maintains enduring friendships and family ties here; Anna Marie Pavlik is a Minnesotan by birth, education, and family connections and returns often to explore the northern Minnesota wilderness she depicts so sensitively). However, this is not always reflected in the content of their work, which evidences a wide range of expressive forms. Some NPA artists work out of small home workshops, while others have established large professional studios. All of the artists create their own printing plates -- carving, etching, or processing the plates themselves. Most of these printmakers also print their own work. All prints represented by the Northern Prints Gallery are hand printed in relatively small editions, and are signed by the artists. The artists produce their prints with archival materials for maximum longevity.

Several artists of the Northern Printmakers Alliance have participated in three portfolios produced by the group. The first portfolio, "Elements", contains 16 original prints. Eight of these beautifully boxed portfolios are still available for sale. This portfolio is also available for traveling exhibits. For further information on the portfolio, see Elements portfolio.

For further information about the prints media, and the care of works of art on paper, see About Hand Made Prints

The 36 active printmakers of the Northern Printers Alliance are listed below. Each artist's site provides a portrait, a short biography and an artists statement. Noted in bold on the list are our featured artists. Click on the names to see the artists' work.

Sarah Angst woodcuts
Earl Austin etchings, lithographs
Larry Basky screenprints
Betsy Bowen woodcuts
Diane Chaney woodcuts
Joel Cooper screen prints
Alesa De Jager monoprint, intaglio, relief
Kelly Dupre linocuts
Joe Furuseth woodcuts
Christine Herman monotype, monoprints
Jon Hinkel linocuts, letterpress
Natalia Hirrminska intaglio
Clyde Holmes etchings, woodcuts
Ann Jenkins monoprints
Gendron Jensen lithographs
Delia Witherill Jurek monotype, intaglio, relief, screen
Jeffery Kalstrom intaglio, woodcut, mixed media
Matt Kania solarplates, intaglio, lithographs
Cecilia Lieder woodcut, lithographs
Gordon Manary woodcut, letterpress
Jim Meyer woodcuts
Joel D. Moline wood engravings, woodcuts
William Morgan woodcuts, intaglio
Glenna Olson woodcuts
Anna Marie Pavlik intaglio, stratographs
John Peyton lithographs
Beckie Prange woodcuts
Robb Quisling relief prints
Tom Rauschenfels woodcuts
Robert Repinski intaglio, mixed media
Amy Sands monoprint
Gaylord Schanilec wood engravings
Kurt Seaberg lithographs
Jauneth Skinner intaglio, woodcuts
Erik Waterkotte intaglio, mixed media
Todd White relief prints, letterpress
Nick Wroblewski woodcuts

Ordering Prints

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