The Trail Guide to the Northland Experience in Prints & Poetry by the Northern Printmakers Alliance and the poets of the Lake Superior Writers received the 2009 first place award in the Poetry category for the 21st Northeastern Minnesota Book Awards.

The NEMBA awards were founded in 1988 to recognize books that substantially represent northeastern Minnesota in the areas of history, culture, heritage, or lifestyle.

"This self-styled 'Visitor's Guide to the Northland Experience' melds outstanding poetry and art by a variety of poets and other artists living in the wider Duluth area. The skillfully crafted poetry, in voices ranging from sly to contemplative, conveys both joys and struggles of living in the beautiful, demanding landscape of northern Minnesota as well as universal human experience. We found that the mastery of poetry and art in this jewel renders it a classic." - NEMBA Awards Committee.

The book contains 38 full-color prints and 120 poems, on the theme of the experience of living in northern Minnesota. Books will be available for subscribers and for sale to the general public. Priced at $19.95, plus $5.00 shipping, the books are also for sale here.